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Changing the landscape for Black talent in business

The Black Talent Charter is an organisation that seeks to build race equity for Black talent into the DNA of British businesses, using collaborative and innovative evidence-based solutions. We bring British businesses together to inspire a movement for change, and we do this by changing perceptions and challenging the structures that perpetuate inequities for Black talent.

Our Signatories

The Challenge

Black talent is disproportionately overlooked and underserved in British business. In the Financial and Professional Services, which typically have the highest remuneration, race inequity is especially stark.

The Research

Since 2020 many organisations have pledged to change. Even with these efforts, if organisations carry on as usual, research suggests it will take almost 70 years before we see fair representation of the Black UK working population reflected in British businesses.

At the Black Talent Charter we recognise that the challenge ahead is larger than any one organisation can solve in isolation. That is why we have created a cross-sectoral and collaborative initiative that brings together businesses dedicated to achieving systemic change at an accelerated pace.

The Plan

The Black Talent Charter has a unique programme developed around three pillars which set out to:

  • Challenge the status quo with innovative, evidence-based solutions
  • Collaborate with business leaders to explore solutions together without fear
  • Empower Black talent through access, insights, and a network of peers

To achieve systemic change across British business all three pillars must be developed together.

Our three-pillared programme

Thought leadership

Development of the leading knowledge hub of research and practical initiatives for the promotion of Black talent and establishment of best practice

Thriving Black talent

Development and fostering of networks and programmes for Signatories to maximise the potential of their Black talent

Measuring our progress

Supporting Signatories to develop meaningful action plans and targets for the recruitment and promotion of Black talent with annual audits, analysis and reporting across the Signatory cohort
Attend our events

Workshops, networking, panels

Our world class events bring together business leaders, Black talent and key organisations to create a forum to discuss, meet and further the agenda of race equity.

The Charter

As a Signatory of the Charter, businesses pledge to promote Black talent by:

Committing to work in good faith to enhance Black representation and inclusion
Creating and maintaining an environment where Black talent can be identified, developed and promoted
Developing an action plan with details specific to improving Black inclusion, recruitment and career progression, and setting ambitious internal targets for Black representation

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If you are interested in your organisation becoming a Signatory, please contact us using the form below.